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PlayStation VR Worlds (PSVR) PS4
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $29.00 Lowest price: New $21.99 Used $30.00
~ PlayStation VR Headset
~ PlayStation 4 Camera

Step into PlayStation VR WORLDS and prepare to journey through five unique PS VR experiences specially created for the players. Go nose to nose with a great white shark, crawl through decaying space hulks, weave between oncoming traffic, survive a futuristic sport or take part in a gritty London gangster thriller. The Experiences: The London Heist Immerse yourself in London's gritty criminal underworld as you step into the shoes of an east-end gangster. Relive the dramatic heist shootout and survive a high speed, thrilling getaway before finally making a choice that will define your life forever. Ocean Descent Descend through the breath-taking layers of the ocean as a rookie diver and experience the incredible marine life all around you. Your journey into the depths will have you witness amazing sights, a lost secret and extreme danger. VR Luge Feel the exhilaration of an illegal street race down perilous roads as you lay inches off the ground on your luge board. Weave in and out of oncoming traffic; avoid hazardous landslides and limbo under big rig trucks as you speed towards the finish line. Scavengers Odyssey Board your dynamic all-terrain alien craft, explore a treacherous nebula and attempt to recover a highly coveted, ancient artefact. Leap canyons, crawl over vast space hulks and fire up your cannons as you battle hostile creatures on your journey towards the mysterious treasure. Danger Ball Enter THE competitive sporting event of the future where victory is everything. Master your skills, destroy your rivals and survive to win the tournament. Win or be destroyed.

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