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Top VR Headset Set + Bluetooth Remote + Guide To Virtual Reality, The 3d Virtual Reality Kit , Enjoy VR Games, Apps And Movies On Your Mobile. Works With Android, Iphone And All Phones 4-6 Inches Wide
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $24.00 Lowest price: New $14.99
~ VRIT has put together the ultimate VR headset for use with mobile phones, compatible with Android and Apple phones and all leading brands with screen sizes of 4-6 inches
~ Remote control is included as well as our beginners guide to VR book. We give you everything you need to start using virtual reality and support you all the way. CLEAR PROTECTIVE PLASTIC MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE LENSES BEFORE USAGE
~ Ultimate comfort. We have added extra padding to our VR headsets and an adjustable strap to make your viewing the most comfortable it can be. The case also has a removable front cover to stop overheating.
~ Experience VR movies, apps, rollercoasters, virtual tours, interactive games and more with the most immersive VR experience using your phone to power your headset. The remote control means you can leave your phone inside the headset and use it to control your apps in play.
~ Satisfaction guaranteed. We did not want to give you a headset and leave you to it, we want to hold your hand through the world of VR and all it can offer. Our support is ongoing and our products unrivaled.

CLEAR PROTECTIVE PLASTIC MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE LENSES BEFORE USAGE Color Name:Gold VRIT Virtual Reality Headset Kit VRIT is proud to introduce the VRIT virtual reality headset kit. We included a Bluetooth remote with every pair of glasses, also included is our guide to virtual reality which does not promote our product but rather gives you an overview of VR and what it is capable of. Features Include: • Extra comfort, we tested our headsets to destruction! • Bluetooth remote control included • Free booklet which holds your hand and explains VR • Adjustable strap for extra comfort and positioning • Removable front cover to avoid overheating What Can You Use It For: • Works with headsets of 4 to 6 inches • Play VR games • Experience VR rides and roller-coasters • Enjoy virtual tours of space and other lands • Travel under water in immersive apps • Watch VR movies using apps or YouTube • Endless other possibilities with VR apps become available everyday • Use the Bluetooth remote and save hassle of removing your phone • Free recipe book and manual ✔Your satisfaction is guaranteed and this is a great Xmas or birthday gift or a treat for yourself. Buy now while stocks last.

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