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Up - Nintendo Wii
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $19.99 Lowest price: New $14.38 Used $1.78
~ Upgrade Russell's merit badges & complete Carl's adventure book, unlock content and upgrades when you collect them all.
~ Explore 11 levels featuring jungles, caves, rock formations, Paradise Falls and Muntz's blimp while avoiding dangerous plants and animals along the trail.
~ Compete in aerial dogfight combat, evade villainous dogs in dog chases, take part in large boss fights with exotic animals like Crocodiles, Anacondas & Jaguars and battle the villainous Muntz in the final level.
~ Enjoy both single player and multiplayer game support throughout the entire game as you play by yourself or with a friends in 2 player co-op and the 2-4 player Dog Fight multiplayer mode.
~ Overcome obstacles & conquer the environment in the form of rock formations, dizzying heights, raging rivers and the weather.

Journey through the undiscovered jungles of South America, in Up the video game. You can control Russell, Carl, Dug the talking dog and a female bird named Kevin, or you can play with a friend through the entire game. Aided by Russell¿s wilderness knowledge, the four characters must work together to navigate treacherous jungle terrain, combat exotic animals and avoid being captured. Each character has special abilities that help in their journey. During the game, you will explore exciting environments, overcome obstacles and battle beasts in an effort to stop Muntz from capturing Kevin.

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